About Us

We are a not-for-profit organisation registered as “City of Wollongong Brass Band Inc” (ABN 98 375 142 024).

We have 7 bands that represent the City of Wollongong.

Brass Bands

Our Brass Bands carry on the proud tradition of British-style brass bands, a collection of brass instruments ranging from the B-flat Bass (Tuba) all the way up to the E-flat Soprano Cornet whose sounds can blend to perfection. The Brass Band plays an incredible range of diverse music, from classic military marches, to pop and classical arrangements, and more.

Supporting the Brass Band with up-and-coming musicians is the Junior Brass Band, catering for players up to 19 years of age. For the absolute beginner, we also have a Beginner Brass Band to teach the basic skills of brass playing, reading music, and musicianship in a band setting.

For those who prefer a more casual band with daytime rehearsals, we also have the Daytime Brass Band.

Wind Bands

Our Wind Band includes a wide range of wind instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and tuba. With its diverse tone colours, the Wind Band can perform show tunes, pop arrangements, and more classical wind repertoire.

The Wind Band is also supported by a Junior Wind Band consisting of musicians up to 19 years of age, and a Beginner Wind Band for those just starting out on their musical journey.

The Beginner and Junior Bands are a fantastic place for members of Primary and High School bands to extend their skills and performance opportunities.