Concert Cancellations

It’s become clear that holding any sort of concert while COVID-19 transmission is possible would present significant challenges for both the audience and our bands. We’ve decided to cancel the remaining concerts and events that were planned for 2020 and set our sights on 2021.

The COVID-19 situation changes daily, of course, so we’ll be updating our plans regularly.

We’re planning on participating in the BANSW “State Band Festival Online” event, so keep an eye out for that. Since it’s not feasible to run the State Band Championships “live” this year, bands will be recording their pieces (with video) and the performances will be “live streamed” by over the weekend of November 14/15. It won’t be quite the same as “being there”, but it’ll be great to see what all the bands around NSW have been up to and celebrate what’s been achieved under difficult circumstances.