What’s Next?

We’ve had a busy couple of months recently with the East Coast Band Championships and two brass concerts in quick succession, so what’s next?

A well deserved break, perhaps?

Of course not!

For the next couple of months we’ll be gearing up for the NSW State Band Championships. This year we’ll have 3 bands competing across 4 event categories, so it’ll be a busy time for all of our players and musical directors.

We’ll post more details as the date gets closer, and in the meantime the information we know so far is on our events list.

Further out, we’ll be playing at some events in the Southern Highlands, and our end-of-year concerts will be on in October and November.

Junior Wind Band Wins Entertainment Contest

Dressed to impress

Over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend both our junior bands competed at the East Coast Band Championships as Open D Grade bands.

The kids all rose to the challenge and played extremely well in both the formal stage of the competition and the afternoon “entertainment” section.

It was a great weekend all round, and the icing on the cake was the Junior Wind Band taking out 1st place in the entertainment section! Their mini-concert of “Music for the Feet” had the audience’s toes tapping and produced smiles throughout the auditorium. They swept the audience along on a journey from the excitement of a stadium concert with Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, to a street march with “On the Mall”. Next it was the elegance of a night at the ballroom with the Shostakovich “Waltz No. 2 for Variety Orchestra”, and finally a street party with “Latin Gold”.

The junior brass kicked off their mini-concert with “Gonna Fly Now” and had the audience swaying along to “Hallelujah”, finishing up with an epic rendition of “Lord of the Rings”.

Fantastic performances all round, and a great result for a group of kids up against open graded adult bands!