Rehearsal Times

Each of our bands has a regular weekly rehearsal time.

Brass BandThursday7:00pm9:00pm
Junior Brass BandFriday5:30pm7:00pm
Beginner Brass BandFriday5:00pm5:30pm
Daytime Brass BandTuesday10:00am12:00pm
Wind BandWednesday6:30pm9:00pm
Development BandWednesday5:00pm6:30pm

Extra rehearsals may be scheduled in the lead up to concerts or competitions.

The Junior and Beginner bands usually rehearse during school terms, but sometimes there might be special rehearsals or workshops during school holidays.

Our Development Band welcomes players young and old who are just starting to learn a woodwind or brass instrument, as well as people picking up a second (or third!) instrument. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to music!