Get Involved in Music!

Now that 2019 is in full swing, school is back, and we can all finally focus on our New Year’s Resolutions (they start in February, right?!) there’s no better time to get involved in music.

If your children are getting back to school and thinking about joining the school band, or just starting music lessons, they can come and join one of our beginner or junior bands and play a brass or wind instrument.

It’s going to be a big year for our junior bands. The junior brass have just kicked off 2019 with their annual camp. After just a couple of days they are producing some exceptional music (they had a lot of fun as well, of course). Further ahead, there will be concerts, competitions, workshops, and hopefully a short tour!

We’re always looking for new players in our adult bands as well. If you play a brass or wind instrument or you’d like to learn one, give us a call on 4228 6018 (please, leave a message!). You can find our rehearsal times and instruments here on the web site.